Function constructor(address _aaveProtocolDataProvider)

No description

Function getBalance(address pool, address) → uint256 balance

Returns the pool position of Aave lending pool


  • pool: The pool logic address

Return Values:

  • balance The total balance of the pool

Function getDecimals(address) → uint256 decimals

Returns decimal of the Aave lending pool asset

Function withdrawProcessing(address pool, address, uint256 portion, address to) → address withdrawAsset, uint256 withdrawBalance, struct IAssetGuard.MultiTransaction[] transactions

Creates transaction data for withdrawing tokens

Return Values:

  • withdrawAsset and

  • withdrawBalance are used to withdraw portion of asset balance to investor

  • transactions is used to execute the withdrawal transaction in PoolLogic

Function flashloanProcessing(address pool, uint256 portion, address[] repayAssets, uint256[] repayAmounts, uint256[] premiums, uint256[] interestRateModes) → struct IAssetGuard.MultiTransaction[] transactions

process flash loan and return the transactions for execution


  • pool: the PoolLogic address

  • portion: the portion of assets to be withdrawn

  • repayAssets: Array of assets to be repaid

  • repayAmounts: Array of amounts to be repaid

  • premiums: Array of premiums to be paid for flash loan

  • interestRateModes: Array of interest rate modes of the debts

Return Values:

  • transactions Array of transactions to be executed

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