Function constructor(address _sushiStaking)

Initialise for the contract


  • _sushiStaking: Sushi's staking MiniChefV2 contract

Function withdrawProcessing(address pool, address asset, uint256 portion, address to) → address withdrawAsset, uint256 withdrawBalance, struct IAssetGuard.MultiTransaction[] transactions

Creates transaction data for withdrawing staked tokens


  • pool: Pool address

  • asset: Staked asset

  • portion: The fraction of total staked asset to withdraw

  • to: The investor address to withdraw to

Return Values:

  • withdrawAsset and

  • withdrawBalance are used to withdraw portion of asset balance to investor

  • transactions is used to execute the staked withdrawal transaction in PoolLogic

Function getBalance(address pool, address asset) → uint256 balance

Returns the balance of the managed asset


  • pool: address of the pool

  • asset: address of the asset

Return Values:

  • balance The asset balance of given pool

Function setSushiPoolId(address lpToken, uint256 poolId)

Setting sushi pool Id


  • lpToken: address of the LP Token

  • poolId: Id of LP pair pool

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